February 20, 2022

CEO Vision for EvidenZ, BCdiploma & BCDT

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Dear holders, partners and users of our solutions,

I rarely write to share my long-term vision of our ecosystem and its BCDT token: I am very pleased to do so at the beginning of 2022, which I hope will be an excellent and forward-looking year.

It’s been 4 years already…

Our BCdiploma ICO White Paper just turned 4 years old and we’re proud of how far we’ve come: how many ICOs in 2018 have brought their project to life and deployed an operational decentralized ecosystem, used daily by 121 institutions in 18 countries and tens of thousands of graduates? How many have created a B2B business that grows more than 100% per year?

… and cross-chain by nature

One of the great strengths of EvidenZ is its cross-chain capability. It comes from a unique and patented architecture:

  • The identities, credentials and credits paid in BCDT are managed on the Ethereum smart contract EvidenZ ;
  • The certified data are stored onchain on the transactions of a blockchain of your choice! Already 3 in production: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. Our BCDT token is of course available on all three blockchains.


First, to serve all types of projects. Institutions have constraints that may require the use of a particular blockchain. We are therefore able to provide our expertise regardless of the blockchain chosen. We are always delighted when a blockchain ecosystem wants to deploy EvidenZ — BCdiploma to offer the use to its network. This is the case, for example, with our partnership with PortaNetwork in 2021/2022.

Secondly, we ensure that our user community receives the most optimized service in terms of overall ecological footprint by continuously evolving our application towards the most efficient blockchains. This allowed us to issue 14,500 certificates on Avalanche for the largest university in France.

An example? Here’s a study conducted by a BCdiploma client that replaced a stream of 55,000 paper credentials with an automated stream of blockchain credentials, using Avalanche.

B2B, BCDT style

The 1st stage of the rocket is in orbit: we have gained the trust of leading public and private institutions, which use public blockchains through our EvidenZ-based DApp. I’m not going to list all of our partners here, but I can’t ignore ETS Global for all of the TOEICs in the world, nor an American university in the world’s top 3 that has just signed for 3 years… you’ll know very soon its name 🙂

All of these institutions are already using the BCDT token to certify their data, entrusting Blockchain Certified Data to fund their account in the EvidenZ smart contract with each order for certification credits. Find the basics in our Medium: EvidenZ & BCDT, back to basics!

The 2nd stage of the rocket will soon take off, as institutions adopt tokenized payment methods. This is what EvidenZ is all about: more decentralization and long-term user autonomy.

What is the plan?

1. Open the payment of services directly in BCDT via the smart contract to institutions that wish to do so.

2. Decentralize the BCdiploma — EvidenZ certificate reading service by allowing users to “stake” BCDTs and deploy the EvidenZ DApp to read the data stored onchain.

3. Decentralize the role of identity validators for legal entities to allow onboarding of new institutions by entities other than Blockchain Certified Data. For the record, today, there are already 2 validators other than ourselves: the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and eCampusOntario.

4. Create the BCDT Foundation, a foundation independent of our company, administered by the users, which will allow institutions to buy BCDTs on the market, and to mutualize the storage of their cryptographic keys. These keys will enable the right to be forgotten, the cornerstone of the GDPR compliance of the EvidenZ — BCdiploma application. 2 objectives: to promote the adoption of payment in tokens, for example by being able to provide proof of purchase recognized by accounting departments, and to offer sovereign management of data access.

Once the 2nd stage of the rocket is in orbit, we will have achieved a giant step: the ecosystem will have become non-adherent to our Blockchain Certified Data company. It will be able to operate in BCDT only. We will have implemented the guarantee of sustainability and autonomy that is the foundation of our value proposition.

B2C, BCDT style, when the SSI comes into play

The 3rd stage of the rocket is under construction, co-funded by the European Commission & NGI ESSIF-Lab: deploying an open source W3C and EBSI/ESSIF compliant SSI wallet. It will allow :

1. To offer all EBSI academic services to BCdiploma — EvidenZ certificate holders: from the claim of a credential with an institution to its submission to a W3C compliant verification service. Let’s meet for the first deployments in Q4 2022 at the University of Lille or find a first preview here.

2. Then to offer all the crypto services we want to the owners of these wallets… and this is where we change dimension 🙂 Who, in the crypto ecosystem will be able to boast of being able to offer services to all the young graduates in the world? A little bird tells me that the BCDT will play a central role.

Our wallet has a name! It is called mywallet.cloud. Why? Because we believe that adoption is the main issue for SSI in 2022, and our wallet is 100% online.

Decentralized storage in BCDT style

You are not aware of our R&D work in 2021? Fair enough, we kept it quiet, but now is the time to talk about it.

The 4th stage of the rocket is based on a patent filed in March 2021, which addresses the extension of EvidenZ to all data and file sizes, allowing EvidenZ to be used for ultra-secure and sovereign storage on IPFS, Aleph, or other decentralized layers.

The first application is already in production for intellectual property lawyers: one can use EvidenZ to time-stamp, store and transmit a file via a single link… a small breakthrough when you think of hash storage in Merkle trees.

A huge revolution when coupled with mywallet.cloud.

The second application is currently being deployed at CEREMA: Blockchain Certified Data has been chosen for a pilot project to secure the sensitive data of the civil engineering structures in France in a decentralized environment. More information to come in the middle of the year.

Any business case ideas for this feature? For example, if you want to add a storage/authentication functionality for digital files, artworks or others to your NFTs… everything is ready on our end. Feel free to come and talk to us about it!

Dropbox™ in BCDT style

If you’ve read this far, congrats! You may have already figured out what the 5th stage of the rocket is: your personal decentralized storage on the distributed layer of your choice, secured by EvidenZ, accessible only from your ledger and/or mywallet.cloud, and… paid in BCDT, of course.

Finally, a huge thank you and all our gratitude to our holders and our user community: the revolution is underway for a user-centric, sovereign and data-aware web 3.0.

Happy New Year 2022 to all!

Luc Jarry-Lacombe, cofounder Blockchain Certified Data-EvidenZ, CEO BCdiploma