February 20, 2022

Binance Certificates

Binance certificate of Jorwin Velasquez shared on his Linkedin profile

Last year, more than 10,000 Binancians have received their Binance certificates issued thanks to the EvidenZ framework. This year, we collaborate once again with Binance to issue 1,660 new certificates for their Binance Bootcamp in Venezuela.

Another great success story

Graduates like Jorwin Velasquez are proud to share their certificate on Linkedin:

This certificate is very special for me because it is the first one I receive through #blockchain technology, this makes it possible for it to be verified with very high security standards and total public availability.

Managed by BCdiploma | Blockchain Credentials Solutions, by instruction of Binance, which I find mind-blowing because of the enormous possibilities that open up, thanks to #blockchain technology, in modern education and the way credentials, certifications, degrees, among many possibilities, are handled.

Thank you so much Binance!!! for the opportunity to be part of this intense training and certification on #blockchaintechnology and #cryptocurrencies

#cryptocurrency #education #fintech #training #binance #binancebootcamp

Binance x EvidenZ

Last year, EvidenZ made the choice to become crosschain, making EvidenZ’s token ($BCDT) live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in addition to Ethereum.

Last November, following the deployment of EvidenZ on BSC, over 1000 Masterclass certificates were issued by Binance. Since then, we have been working with Binance to provide them with the best possible blockchain digital certificate platform on BSC.

With the issuance of several thousand certificates for Binance Africa, the first certificates issued for Binance Brazil and Binance Colombia, more than 10,000 certificates has been issued by Binance using the EvidenZ platform.

CZ, CEO of Binance, got his own certificate

Even CZ, CEO of Binance, got his own certificate, issued during the “Webimarathon” organized by the Binance France team:

See his CZ post from Twitter:

CZ BINANCE on Twitter

More to come with Binance?

Since then, we continue to work regularly and as seriously as possible with the Binance team, which we believe is the best way to continue to gain credibility among the leading crypto exchange.

The BSC is still proposed as an credible alternative to Ethereum as a blockchain to store the encrypted data of certificates generated by EvidenZ. The first step in a larger collaboration with the crypto giant? Who knows?

More information:

The ultimate certification technology on the blockchain: https://www.EvidenZ.io

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