February 20, 2022

EvidenZ Report — 2nd half of 2022

The recruitment campaign, the delivery of the V0 wallet, the international business development…Let’s take a look at our progress at the end of 2022!

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Since our last report, in just a few months, 24 new institutional players have joined EvidenZ & BCdiploma.

To date, EvidenZ has 177 institutional users in 21 countries around the world, on 4 continents.

The full list is available here.

You can track the number of institutions onboarded and the number of countries involved in real-time on the EvidenZ website.

Please note that some institutions do not wish to be listed on the page for privacy reasons. In this case, they do not appear on the site, but you will of course find them in the smart contract.

XXL recruitment campaign

For a start-up, every recruitment is an event. With the arrival of 4 new members in just a few months, EvidenZ has given itself the means to achieve its ambitions.

The team is now composed of 14 people to make EvidenZ and BCdiploma strong brands, a symbol of innovation and high-quality solutions.

And there is more: with the arrival of an additional recruit to the marketing department, a fresh wind is blowing through our team.

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Opening of BCdiploma offices in the UK

After opening offices in Montreal earlier this year, our sales force is strengthened internationally with the arrival of a new sales manager, an experienced business developer, specialized in the academic sector.

He is located in the United Kingdom and his role will be to accelerate our excellent momentum at the end of 2022. This is necessary to ensure that BCdiploma becomes a global leader in the digital credentials market.

This is the first time that EvidenZ-BCdiploma welcomes an English native speaker to its team: so welcome Alan B. to our team.

EvidenZ for event©

“Be more than an ephemeral event: Engrave your brand into the blockchain forever.”

We want to accelerate and strengthen our presence at tech’ and blockchain events around the world, by creating a strong brand around EvidenZ for event©.

The #PICS in Tahiti was a successful first operation for EvidenZ for event: by making it easy for the event organizer and leaving a nice memory for all the participants, we received great feedback on Twitter.

The #CMM and the #CryptoVirtua were also an opportunity to communicate about our product and our know-how, in an effort to educate and democratize our products for everyone.

Organic growth

Our #blockchain certificates are published and verified worldwide:

Here’s a map of all BCdiploma — EvidenZ visits in a single day. This organic growth relates to both the use of the solution by different players and the increase in certificate views by businesses and individuals.

This is a metric we are very proud of.

Development on Ethereum

A few moments after #TheMerge we issued the 1st EvidenZ certificate in Proof-Of-Stake on Ethereum and we are following very closely the incredible roadmap of the blockchain that saw us born.

Leaston University Certificate

This certificate was issued through the BCdiploma services and certified on the blockchain.


Development on Avalanche

With a total of 27,247 transactions on the network for several tens of thousands of certificates, EvidenZ continues to grow on Avalanche.

And since a Tweet is often better than a long speech:


With a view to controlling economic and ecological costs, we are continuing our development on innovative and ecological blockchains.

For the most curious among you, you can continue to observe the frequency of publication of dematerialized results on Avalanche 🔺: https://snowtrace.io/address/0x5bc445bbb32f75b9b09b68413d2042d3b87bef8a

Development on BNB Chain

As you know, over 11,000 Binancians have received their Binance certificates issued through the EvidenZ framework. This year, we are collaborating again with Binance to issue their certificates on the BNB Chain.


We are very proud of this partnership and are working to bring a complete solution that will soon go beyond the EvidenZ certificate you know…

A stronger presence at events and trade shows

With a dozen events this year, our CEO and CTO, as well as our CMO have made BCdiploma’s voices heard on the progression of Digital Credentials in France and around the world. But not only that. They also spoke about security, blockchain, and data management in which we are experts.

You might have seen us at Vivatech, CryptoVirtua, Educatech Expo, ePIC, or eSSIF-Lab…

It was at the eSSIF-Lab final that we presented our wallet mywallet.cloud for the first time. Here is an overview:

Our R&D program

With the publication of the Blockchain Health Record for bridges in partnership with Cerema, BCdiploma has proven that it is possible to respond to concrete problems with innovative solutions that are accessible to all, beyond certificates of achievement, on behalf of governmental actors.

The creation of a decentralized and certified storage space for the sensitive data of the bridges program has been deployed, tested and functional in several French town halls.

We would like to thank Jean-Michel MIS (Former Deputies also known in English as Members of Parliamentonce again for his preface “Can blockchain facilitate information sharing and thus accelerate the renovation of bridges?” as well as for his support and testimony:

The daily life of the EvidenZ team is always articulated between the perpetual improvement of BCdiploma and R&D, Research and Development, which is and remains our core business: Proof of Stake blockchains, decentralized storage & IPFS, SSI self-sovereign identity, wallet and soon…NFT :

👉 Keep an eye on the future! 👀

Let’s not forget our $BCDT holders without whom none of this would have been possible. We will be sending you a video message very soon which will be available exclusively on our Telegram channel. Stay tuned.

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