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Who we are?

We are the Web3 trailblazing company that came to redefine NFT rules

We garantee:


Their validity are easily


All our credentials are
impossible to falsify


We guarantee a
lifelong access
Why choosing us?

We are the most customizable solution on the market!

No third party needed

Simple and immediate way to ensure the authenticity of all the documents


Custom-made creation

White label

A full web page that reflects your image


Automatically translated without altering the content


Makes your brand shine on networks

Full responsive UI
Mobile first
User friendly UX
Fully customizable
One click access
Cross & on-chain data storage
Dedicated encryption algorithm
Smart contract driven
Trustless and verifiable

EvidenZ is a unique turnkey platform

to create, distribute, enrich and manage NFTs for real-world use-cases

Boost customer
engagement & loyalty

Take your loyalty program to new heights by freeing yourself from the linearity of Web2 programs

Take control over your data & customer relationship

Reduce complexity and compliance costs related to customer database anagement

Enrich customer experience through interoperability

Develop a larger ecosystem of services and experiences, in a less complex and expensive way

Become early adopter

Experience the easiest way to drop an NFT with ƎvidenZ

How it works?

Your credential is what you choose !


Send directly by mail

QR Code

Easily share with whoever you want


Harness the full potential of web3
What's new?

The most secure and customizable certificates on the market are now available in NFT

NFT are the new credentials

They are very easy to create

And even easier to distribute

EvidenZ Wallet

The perfect tool for newcomers and all audiences

An easy-to-use wallet ready for mass adoption. The best way to manage all your credentials in the same place. View more →
Web3 Wallet

You are already familiar with the web3? You can claim your NFT with your Metamask Wallet

Start your project with EvidenZ

You have a NFT project?

Use cases

Integrate NFTs in your life

for Arts & more

A limited edition? A unique print? From an artiste or a brand label ?
You all need a COA that you can trust!

for Memories

Do more that an ephemeral event: Engrave your brand into the blockchain forever & offer our technology to your event.

for Web3

NFT can be your unique access key to all kinds of services to create and imagine together

for Connecting People

NFT as a reward for your community. or NFT as the purest form of art, we accompany you whatever your needs are

Engrave sensitive data directly inside NFT

Our NFT & SBT are ready for mass delivery

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