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Use Cases & Key Features

We handle personal, business, or sensitive data across all our projects

Digital Credentials

Digital, Verifiable or Micro Credentials : BCdiploma is recognized as one of the most innovative, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution in the world.

Key features
Tailor made design & UX
Instant authenticity check
One click access
Showcase video
Augmented NFT by Sino

Enhanced NFTs & SBTs

Send 100% customized NFTs as easily as your marketing emails.
We made it happen.

Key features
Augmented NFT display
Instant issuer identity check
Embed certified assets
Collectibles & POAP
View augmented NFT
Custom Digital Product Passport

Shaping the Future of Engagement Programs

Revamp your marketing strategy and customer relations with our cutting-edge Web3 Digital Product Passports, loyalty programs, and third-party integration capabilities.

Key features
Mass delivery via email
User-friendly Wallet
Exclusive token access
Dynamic marketing tools: engage, connect, reward, and beyond

Certifying Intangible Assets: Data, IP, and Beyond

Secure, sovereign, and verifiable authentication, storage, and sharing of your data. Our API-focused approach enables total project customization.

Key features
Decentralized storage
Probative value
Share traceability
Enterprise Wallet
Business cases

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We are builders dedicated to creating long-term, decentralized, and privacy-compliant solutions that place the end user at the core. Web3 and blockchain empower us to foster sovereignty, authenticity, transparency, and security, enabling us to build robust services for tomorrow, together with you.

We believe in Web3 for all

User-centric, one-click solutions. No blockchain or Web3 knowledge required

We dismiss the lock-in effect

Interoperability, open standards, public blockchain and an unprecedented commitment to sustainability

We build a future where data can be trusted immediately

Authenticity, traceability & on-chain proof of issuer identity, publicly verifiable

We shape our services with privacy by design

Our patent allows working with sensitive data in compliance with GDPR and FERPA

Looking for the ultimate Digital Credentials technology?
Want your marketing team to pioneer engagement and connection?

All the Tools

to integrate the power of Web3 into your projects

NFTs & credentials Factory

Because your project is unique, every NFT or credential can be custom-designed and deployed: data model, usage rules, web interfaces, etc.


Generic, powerful, well-documented, and already used by numerous clients, our APIs open the doors to all integrations


A ready-to-use interface for effortlessly interacting with the Blockchain - No technical knowledge required


A wallet activatable from a simple email address: delivering NFTs to the general public is now immediate

White labeling

All our services can be delivered as white label: highlight your brand, your design, and your project

Token gating

Develop a larger ecosystem of services and experiences, in a less complex and expensive way

Web3 native & Tokenized Ecosystem

Our services are available directly as SaaS, but you can also explore the future with our underlying Blockchain Certified Data Token (BCDT)

BCDT allows for data certification

When you use 3videnZ for issuing your NFTs & credentials, it's BCDT that powers the smart contracts

BCDT: Ensuring Longevity

Want to interact directly with the smart contract in the long term? BCDT is designed for that

BCDT: Promoting Decentralization of the Ecosystem

In the future, all our services can be conveniently deployed on your decentralized instance with the facilitation of BCDT