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EvidenZ is the most widely deployed blockchain certification framework in the world for higher education. At the core of EvidenZ: the power of smart contracts from the latest generation blockchains and an innovative utility token, the BCDT. After a successful ICO early 2018, the project is in production, deployed on 4 continents and referenced in the Azure marketplace: it is a real use case of the blockchain.


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Our mission

Provide secure, personalized, and portable digital credentials using blockchain technology.

Our values

EvidenZ is a unique turnkey platform to create, distribute, enrich and manage NFTs for real-world use-cases.


Our vision

Decentralized everything to create an autonomous ecosystem

Our plan

Step #1

Open the payment of services directly in BCDT

Step #2

Decentralize our framework

Step #3

Decentralize the role of identity validators

Step #4

Create the BCDT Foundation

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